Saturday Tidbit – Final Address

It’s Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead. I’ve included a few words (from today’s ‘Daily Beast’) about how people observe the holiday. And I’ve included a photo of my grandmother, Bertha Poisel Otto, circa 1925. She was in her mid-20s. Under her photo (and under the flowers), in Mom’s handwriting are directions to Grandma’s final address in a cemetery near Detroit. Grandma was German, not Mexican, but she’s among my beloved dead. So today, far from Detroit, I’m borrowing the holiday.


Tidbits - Grandma's Final Address (Flowers)

From today’s ‘Daily Beast’:

“[The] custom of decorating home altars with blossoms, candles, fruit, and photographs, like the visits of the faithful to cemeteries, scattering flowers and sharing meals among the graves, bespeaks a human welcome to the beloved dead residing in the world of the spirits.”


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