Saturday Tidbit – Gotcha

Reader, here’s the last post from my several weeks in New Orleans.
I’m including it because:
  • It’s October, the month of wandering spirits, benign and otherwise.
  • It reminds me of something you hear if you spend any time in New Orleans: Heads up. Watch out.
A couple weeks ago, I drove by this car on Bartholomew Street in the eastern part of the city. It had just been crunched by a matrix of venerable live-oak branches.
In another town, bystanders might shake their heads at the bad luck of the car owner.
In New Orleans, you might hear something else … a mention of a trickster spirit that can show up anywhere, anytime, to rattle your complacency. You need to keep your kit in order, or you’ll get reminded to. Examples:
  • Did you leave your car unlocked just for the five minutes you dashed into Walgreens, only to find your laptop gone when you returned?
  • Biking in Mid City, did the sidewalk, buckled by tree roots, flip you over the handlebars and chip your tooth?
  • Walking to a party six blocks from home, did a cloud you hadn’t even noticed rain gallons on you before disappearing into a sunny sky by the time you arrive, drenched, at the party?
When I saw the scene on Bartholomew Street, I thought of the trickster, especially when I looked at the rest of the tree.
Did it aim those branches?
Only New Orleans knows.





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