Monday Post – Goat Break

You can’t go wrong with this animal.

Reader, when I need a quick “placeholder” post, sometimes I put up goat pictures.

So here’s Merry.


I met her last month on a farm in Fairhope, Alabama.

The farmer, introducing my daughter Hayley and me to her animals, explained that each has to earn its keep. Each has a job.

The chickens keep the insects down, and they also lay eggs. Ana the Anatolian Shepherd lives out with the pasture animals to scare away coyotes. And Sirloin, a beloved bull, had until recently been on breeding duty. But unfortunately, he went lame. So now his job is to be 600 pounds of roasts and hamburger in the garage freezer.

I like how Merry earns her keep. Her job is to be cute and friendly.


I took several pictures of her. Here she is from the right.


And from the left.


Here she is giving me her undivided attention.


I’d say she’s good at her job and they should keep her around.







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  1. Look at her amazing little chin! I love Merry. Nice post, one of many good recent ones. I am starting to wonder about the storage unit though…

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