Saturday Tidbit – Taking a Break

Reader, in light of the current political climate, I liked coming across this brick and tree.
Neither’s backing down. Each is holding its own against the other.
Sure there’s tension, but the two are, at this point, coexisting.
I hope after November 8th, the U.S. can swing back toward coexisting, even with inevitable tension.


To jump way over to another topic, I’m dealing with technical tension here on “Throwing Mom Away.”
Last Monday, the hardy phone that saw me through months of posting (and most recently, six weeks in New Orleans) heated up in my hands. When I took it to the phone store, the rep said he’d never felt a phone so hot. The battery just burned itself up.
Saying goodbye to that old friend, I got a new phone that doesn’t yet know how to transfer pictures to Flickr on my computer. It must learn to do that. Then I can prepare blog photos.
To solve that technical problem and a couple others, I’ll be taking a break from posting until Monday, October 31st.
By then, we’ll have only eight more days ’til the election. Just eight days.




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